Sunday, August 20, 2017

3 Cutest Fashion Sneakers

I love my heels, mules, sandals, and boots but there's a certain kind of comfort that sneakers deliver that you really can't get from any other shoe. Comfort has always been super important to me in fashion but I'm not big on wearing gym sneakers around town so I've scoured what's out there for cute fashion sneakers and rounded up my 3 favorite pairs here today along with some styling suggestions for each! 

Before delving into the subject of sneakers though I have to talk about this dress - I'm in love with this print. I love that it's so easy to style casually, like I did here. You can also make it look far more dressy by losing the tee, adding a pair of neutral sandals and a clutch. In the Fall, a classic camel coat or a pink trench alayered over this dress would make such a pretty outfit. And for winter I plan to wear this over a grey turtleneck and shimmery sock boots

I'm cringing as I see the close up above because you can see that I lazed out and skipped steaming the dress. But I think you guys know by now that I intensely dislike ironing and steaming! In any case you can see the print much better up close, which is something I always like to get a good idea of before I order anything online.

So back to sneakers. This pink/mauve pair is my absolute favorite for something a little sweet and girly to add to neutral tones like the grey and white palette of my dress and tee. Pink is such a big color this year that I have no doubt I'll be getting a ton of wear out of it. It's a great accent for anyone who wears a lot of black (not me!) and also works surprisingly well with warmer jewel tones like mustard and emerald. 

They're super comfortable, run true to size, and the pompoms are the cutest! So soft too. This color and the grey suede are currently on sale for 30% off, which is so great. The smaller sizes are sold out but size 7 and up are still available right now and you should check back in periodically if your size is out because you never know when they get restocked. This sneaker also comes in 6 other color combos - really like the denim version as well as some of the prints to pair with neutral outfits.

The second pair I'm obsessed with are these floral high-tops - so cooool! A few things I love about these. First, high tops are so trendy right now and if you're a skinny jeans wearer, these are a no-brainer to kick up your style. Second, the blues and oranges are so perfect from now through the cooler months. And last but not least, the velvety texture. Plus, the zipper teeth detail is pretty nice too! I also love these with the velvet midi skirt I wore in this post. They're a little on the pricy side and if you're looking for less expensive (but still whimsical)high-tops, I think this sea-horse pair is really cute.

The third pair I'm ogling are these gold glitter sneakers with a satin bow! These are too cute! I haven't bought them yet but at under $100 they're impossible to resist. They don't look as supportive as the two we just talked about but if you don't need arch support or don't plan to wear for heavy walking, I can't think of a cuter pair! These also got stellar reviews online and come in a multitude of colors to choose from. My favorite are the gold with pink bow but there are several that are a close second. What to style these with? These go with anything but a few easy options are to wear them with this wrap maxi dress (which I'll be posting soon here) or pair them with cropped jeans and a white button down if you really want all eyes on the kicks.

As always thanks for swinging by the blog and hope you have a wonderful week ahead!


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