Thursday, July 20, 2017

Cutest Summer Dresses Under $100

What do you think of the colors on this dress? I love this print and the little bit of turquoise in it reminds me of a peacock. This is definitely a print for someone who wants to be noticed. The colors of this dress are so rich and the cold shoulder silhouette is really flattering. Also, if you like movement then you'll definitely love this dress. 

As always with my clothing, I need them to be comfortable, and this dress is totally that. I wore a strapless bra but if you're not busty you could easily skip the bra - that's the beauty of these smocked tops. I also bought this blue maxi dress from the same brand and loved it.

The jacket below is my favorite transitional jacket - perfect to ward off summer breezes and ideal for layering over summer dresses. To achieve a casual look, an over-sized fit and soft pliable material is best. That way you can roll your sleeves up and down with impunity. If you're looking for a good transitional layer, shop my favorite anoraks in the scroll bar at the bottom of the post!

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My latest summer bag is this structured wicker basket. They call it a picnic basket but since I can't imagine carrying any food in this I think briefcase is probably a better description. Either way, at under $100 I think it's a great find. The interior is lined in tan linen and it's well-built. The image above shows the back of the bag and the last pic shows the front (pretty tortoiseshell diamond detail). It holds quite a bit including your cell phone, make-up and an extra pair of flats if you should need them. FYI, I'm a size 5.5 in shoes and I'm not sure if the bag could carry longer/bigger flats.

I grabbed these fringe earrings a couple of months ago and have been getting a ton of wear out of them. They work really well with boho colors which is great for me since I wear a lot of boho style. They earrings also come in a bright pink and yellow. Absolutely adore the yellow and want to get them. All the colors also pair really well with any monochromatic look. I wore them last in this post with this floral wrap dress that was really popular.

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PS: I bought my fuschia sandals intending to wear them mostly for evening but it's been the opposite. The exact ones I'm wearing are linked in the outfit details under the first image but I'm also linking to my other favorite pink sandals here to give you a few other options:


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