Wednesday, February 3, 2016


It might not feel like it, but we're transitioning to Spring! This time of year there are warmer days and then utterly frigid ones so wardrobe can be a little tricky. One my strategies is to layer away, which also lets me get the most wear out of my clothes all year round. What I wore today is a classic example of easy layering and works really well as we transition from winter to spring.
I started with long sleeved T. I always have several of the Abound brand long-sleeved Ts in my wardrobe to layer under short-sleeved dresses for the winter. My torso is on the narrow side and these are soft and perfectly fitted without making me feel like I'm shrink-wrapped. Then on went the dress. It has a high embellished collar that gives the impression of more layering than I actually did.

And finally, a super soft and warm sweater coat as the outer layer, which is perfect for temps in the 40's. I took it off as we hit the 50's and it's nice to carry around a thinner layer than a big bulky winter coat. For weekends I tend to reach for unstructured outerwear that's cozy and not restrictive so I expect this one will get a lot of play as we head into Spring.

I grabbed my Prada camera bag because it's tiny and cross-body. I'm a huge fan of cross-body bags because they're hands-free and let me run around unencumbered, which is a pretty important factor when you have a small child to chase. I've had this one for 5 years and now that the micro-bag trend is big, we'll see many more options out there in this size. 

This one is the perfect size for pretty much any occasion if you're a minimalist like me, or not planning a long day. I stash my phone, credit cards, smaller sunglasses, gloss, and oh almost forgot - my keys!  Fitting over-sized sunglasses is a little more tricky and does require moving things around to make everything fit. 

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