Saturday, February 13, 2016

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My challenge today was figuring out how to style overalls for frigid weather. This is the coldest weekend of this winter and according to the good people of The Weather Channel it feels like 7 degrees - terrifying. But since everyone at #NYFW is braving similar conditions, I thought I should suck it up instead of hiding under a blanket at home all weekend. So I did go out...but am embarassed to report that I didn't make it very long.

Now to the outfit. I can't say I'm generally super trend driven but this outfit happens to combine a bunch of my favorite trends this season - overalls, ripped denim, strappy shoes, lace and peplum.

I love the look of overalls but it is a trendy item and it's not immediately obvious how to make them wearable in everyday life. I think the trick is to just treat them like jeans. When you treat them that way, they become the perfect style to dress up or down.

I paired these blue denim ones with a black lace peplum top to add some texture and contrast the ultra casual style of this pair. There are so many directions you can go with these that I suspect they'll pop up on the blog again a couple more times. My next pairings will probably be with a black turtleneck or a white button-down, or maybe even a floral blouse. The options are really endless.

The lace top is a peplum cut, which you can't see very well under the overalls, but they're cut a little wide at the waist for me and I'll probably use a belt for better fit when I wear it next.

For the outer layer I chose a neutral camel. This sweater coat was one of my favorite scores from the day-after-Christmas sale at Saks this year and this was my first time wearing it. I find it to be a simple unfussy piece that you can layer over many styles and I'm looking forward to wearing it on the plane on my trip to LA in a couple of weeks.

I went with strappy pumps to add a little interest to the bottom half of the outfit and to take advantage of the rolled leg of the overalls. They're from Sole Society, a brand that I've just recently started considering and purchasing. I'm impressed with their designs and for the price the quality is pretty good. Sizing-wise, they run about 1/2 size large for me. I normally wear a 5.5 in pumps and had to order a 5 in these for the best fit.

All in all, I'm braved the weather in my overalls and I hope everyone has a happy Valentine's Day weekend, cold notwithstanding! See you mid-week!

black high heels, casual overalls, camel coat, peplum lace top, black lace

anthony thomas melillo coat, camel long-line coat, felted double-breasted coat

black strappy pumps

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