Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Funnel neck sweater, chunky knit, winter style, latte, black booties, marc jacobs handbag

Happy Wednesday everyone. You might recognize this sweater layered under my windowpane coat from this post. I wanted to do another post on this warm fuzzy sweater because I didn't show it properly before and I wanted to showcase some of the details of it. It has these amazing slightly belled out sleeves that are perfect hand-warmers, love that! I also love the neck - somewhere between a mock turtleneck and a full on turtleneck. It's just the right height to keep wind off my neck, which I really appreciate in the cold weather.

It's pretty much a blank canvas that I could have styled up more but there was something about its warm simplicity that day that I wanted to leave it as is.

Oversized can be hard for petites to pull off so proportions are everything. I like where this sweater hits my legs and the way that it's voluminous without completely swallowing me. It's also incredibly warm and made me want to get more styles like this. It's such a simple look and yet so cute.

Hope everyone's having fun lining up their Valentine's Day plans and of course outfits! I missed the boat on posting my V day outfit ideas because it'll be pretty last minute for me this year so you might see it posted sometime afterwards.

Bell sleeves, neutral color palette, burberry eyewear

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  1. That's the perfect neutral sweater, lady! Love it!

    Le Stylo Rouge


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